Our Mission

At Central Florida Insurance Advisors, our mission is to provide personalized insurance solutions to meet the unique needs of our valued customers. With a focus on individualized service and tailored coverage, we strive to find the perfect insurance solutions that give our clients peace of mind and protection in their lives and businesses


Agency Owner

NAIFA Ocala President

Miss Florida 1999


Executive Vice-President

Financial Adviser

Securities Licensed



Licensed Agent



The Intern

Archie is our newest addition to the CFIA Family. He joined us in the fall of 2023 and was a rescue from Ziggy's Legacy Rescue in Brooksville, FL. He was surrendered by an uncaring breeder after he aspirated as a small puppy and the breeder didn't want to pay the medical bill.

Archie is spunky, healthy, pure-bred Biewer Terrier who is excited to join our team! He is a quick learner and shadows his other fur-workers learning the ropes in record time! He tops the scales at a whopping 5 pounds and his favorite pastime is rummaging through his toy basket and chewing on his mom's shoes in front of the surveillance cameras for her to see!



VP of Client Greetings & Special Needs Awareness

Maylee is a 4 lb micro-morkie with a neurological issue that causes terrible seizures. She was rescued from Love to the Rescue in Wesley Chapel in July of 2020 at only 6mo old. She is a Daddy's girl and is usually found giving her daddy kisses and helping him work in his office!

She is a celebrity in the fur world and has her own Facebook, Instagram, and TicTok pages. She is a people lover and loves to snuggle with her mom & dad, friends, and strangers alike!

Her favorite pastimes are hoarding bones and protecting them. She also lovvveesss to play fetch with her ragged out stuffed monkey.



Director of Security & Early Warning

Toby is a 10lb Cairn Terrier who is fiercely protective of his mom which makes him a great fit for Director of Security! He was rescued from Craigslist after his abusive and negligent owner left the country.

Cunningly smart, Toby somehow finds unattended bones & food while on his security patrols. He is a consumate snuggler and personal bodyguard for his mom. Rarely will you see him away from her, but if you do it's because he is on high alert looking for delivery folks and monitoring the front door!



Director of Timeliness & Pre-Dawn Activities

Bella is a 6lb pure-bred Yorkie who was rescued in May 2023 from Ziggy's Legacy Rescue in Brooksville, FL. Bella is triggered by loud outbursts which made her unsuitable in her previous home with an autistic toddler.

With an internal clock of 4:30am, mom nicknamed her the "Rooster" and begrudgingly obliges to her schedule. She's never late which is why she is perfect for her role as Director of Timeliness. Never one to sit still for very long, she is also our Activities Director, keeping the staff moving throughout the day!

Bella is very timid with strangers, but she is a total sweetheart on the inside. Her favorite things to do are dancing in circles when it's time to go outside, chewing on bones, and figuring out puzzles loaded with delicious snackies!

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